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Русскую прошивку для samsung ps 42p

Adjusting the Dolby Pro Logic Preferences The following Dolby Surround settings can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. ABN 63 002 915 648 This website is best viewed using Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Safari and newer browsers. Hidden text answers to quiz games, for example The normal screen A secondary page by entering its number The broadcast when searching for a page The next page The previous page Double-size letters in the:... Result: The main menu is displayed. Result: The main menu is displayed. Caution CAUTION: REMOVE REAR COVER, NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. Разные иконки служат для работы с мультимедиа, резервированием данных, настройками и другими функциями. Как она меня достала! Switching On and Off Plug the mains lead of the PDP and Media Station into an appropriate socket. После подключения вы получите полный доступ к телефону со своего компьютера. Listening to the Sound of the Sub Picture Sound Mode Custom Equalizer Auto Volume Source Sound Mode Stereo Dolby Surround Headphone Move Select Viewing Pictures From External Sources Front panel AV 1 AV 2 AV 3 AV 4 Not Connected AV 5 Not Connected Component 1... Insert the bolts, dish-type washers, and insulation rubber into the four screw-holes as shown in the figure: Bolt Insulation rubber Hang the protruding plastic part on the rear of the PDP up the groove on the top of the wall attachment panel. Result: The following sizes are available depending on the input source. Setting the Sleep Timer... The following headphone settings are available: Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance. В независимости от того, хотите ли вы синхронизировать контакты и календарь, скопировать или сделать резервные копии данных, или даже отправить текстовые сообщения, Samsung PC Studio станет для вас полезным инструментом. Switching On and Off Automatically Function English Language Time Size Normal Image Lock AV Setup Melody Move Enter Time Clock 9 : 35 On Time 6 : 30 On Off Time 0 : 0 Off Sleep Timer On Time Program On Time Volume Move Select... Information provided includes: Television programme times News bulletins and weather forecasts Sports results Travel information This information is divided into numbered pages see diagram. Можно копировать фотографии и видео с телефона на компьютер, копировать в телефон новую музыку, сохранять на телефоне документы и т. The following settings are available. Press the MENU button. Large - Small - Double 1 - Double 2 Large - Small If the system is different between the main picture and... Button Viewing Function Used to display the next stored channel. Separating the Display from the Wall Attachment Panel After lifting the PDP up, pull it forward and remove it from the wall attachment panel. REMOTE CONTROL ON-SCREEN MENUS PICTURE IN PICTURE TELETEXT... If the signal is weak or distorted, you may have to fine tune the channel manually. Press the joystick button to enter the picture menu. Search 187 MHz Channel No.

Hearing the Melody Sound You can hear clear melody sound when power is switched on or off.

Displaying the Teletext Information You can display Teletext information at any time on your PDP. Sorting the Stored Channels This operation allows you to change the programme numbers of stored channels. Move the joystick up or down until the Function is selected. Switching On and Off Automatically... Identifying Problems - Do not put the PDP near extremely hot, cold, humid or dusty places. Result: The options available in the Function group are displayed. Teletext Feature Most television channels provide written information services via teletext. Setting the Picture PC Mode Preset to the PC mode by using the Source button. Adjusting the Picture Settings Colour Tone Mode Custom Move Select Colour Tone Mode Custom Move Adjust Preset to the PC mode by using the Source button. Colour System Sound System Freq. Connecting Stand and Speakers Guide pole Connect the speaker audio cable to the external speaker output... REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL.

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Viewing the Plasma Display Front Panel Speaker Rear Panel Connect the video cable between the PDP The actual configuration on your PDP may be different, depending on your model.
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Viewing the Picture in Picture PIP To select the size of sub picture, select the Size by moving the joystick up or down.
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Press the MENU button.
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Result: The Picture menu is displayed.
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Result: The options available in the Function group are displayed.

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