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Инструкцию motorola cm140, cm160

Print it, it will be of the right size. The programming cable is powered from the radio socket. The programming cable is not powered from the port. Valery UA6LPG has designed a connector to Russian Granit-202 radios. The author especially appreciates the active participance of Sergey UA9UDQ, Yevgueny RA9MHL, Valery UA6LPG, Alexander 'Gulliver', Vladimir Vashchenko, Sergey Bunin, Pavel RA0SJB, MALE aka Dmitry, Alexander Nesterov, Nikolay aka 'KOKA', Belu Daniel, Norman Miller, Roman RN3ADR, Roman RV3SBQ, Ramil Yunusov, Albina Luchaninova, Oleg EX8MLT, Alexander Ivanov, Alexander UA9CEE, Yuri US5IVZ, Valery UA9MRQ, Victoria Chernigovskaya. Another goal is the correct voltage level transformation with regard to the real radio programming circuits. However, any CMOS invertor can be used. Port accessing technique under Windows is different, DOS programs access ports incorrectly. Jack contacts may be cleaned with a thick needle. The jack flanges should be ground off till 5 mm in diameter. Otherwise TxD to RxD interference will result in programming failure. Some guys think the more is the C4 capacitance the better. It should be linked to the microphone connector. The radio should be programmed with slow computers recommended processor rate 166 MHz or less under MS DOS. Sometimes the VT2 PNP transistor is replaced with an NPN transistor. The high zero effect is present. The programming cable was tested with 336 device types, i. It is different from KENWOOD portables connector which is used for other HYT radios. The power supply can be taken from the radio power supply or the accessory connector if available. In SL500 connector VD1 and VD2 diodes provide an extra protection of the radio. In this case the work is not guaranteed. No, it will not. Programmer schematics is classic. Some people try to use any awailable transistors instead of denoted. The programming cable 97. Please do not ask the author for the software!

The more detailed cable description is published at and.

CD4093 is recommended because it has Schmitt trigger inputs. In MOTOROLA GP-340 connector the output voltage is limited to approximately 3 Volts. The photo is provided by Alexander 'Gulliver'. It is important for some KENWOOD radios. Alexander Ivanov has designed a connector to ALTAVIA radios. Some people try to use different resistor values. To do so push and hold SW1 button until HL1 LED switches on. Refer to radio manuals or search the web for information. Check the component correspondence with the schematic diagram. A mobile radio must be powered with an appropriate power supply.

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After programming turn the radio off by holding the button until the LED switches off.

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