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Free download прошивку dft htc hd2

If tryed it for like 100 times.. This is possible to install ios on htc hd2? I tried… Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1. In the future new MAGLDR will provide features for Ultrafruit and other LEO WP7 ROMs. I have a TMOUS HD2 installed with 3. Hd2 with windows was AWFUL — Hd2 with Android rules! Do I have to downgrade before I proceed? Bro, i did tried to update the ROM, but now its stuck on the HTC screen, i really dont know its like.. Besides, the download link is temporary removed at the time of writing this no worry, it will back soon. Introduction Want to take your gameplay to another level? Everything went fine including the Success mess. Are you facing issue to install this HSPL? At the current moment I am releasing this ROM without new MAGLDR, because it's not ready yet. I have successfully installed 7. Hi Jayce I have installed wp7. And it is fully unlocked. Can anyone direct me to where I can get step 2 step instructions for beginners on how to upgrade my HTC HD2 from Win 5. I want to install a custom rom based on 3. Hi there, i install it. Time flied and technology... Odin download mode should be loaded then.

BUGGY, SLOW and not tested.

Try this… Power off first. Installed several apps successfully using multiple xap. Could some one please let me know how I can get to the boot menu again? Are you facing issue to install this HSPL? Or do I have to take the HSPL 2. Please consult ROM chef at XDA Forum. I followed you guide Thomas after running hspl4, do i need to upgrade my radio 2. Hi My HD2 stocked on on the start page, white background and green HTC signs, hmmm, what vent wrong? SD card not locked after update. THIS FEATURE IS STILL EXPERIMENTAL. And did the serial status change to USB when connect USB cable? When I start the phone with the volume down button and enter the 4-colored screen it says SPL-3.

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